Losing fat, increasing muscle mass whilst remain on a low protein diet

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    • Losing fat, increasing muscle mass whilst remain on a low protein diet

      Hey boys and girls with PKU, I need your advice and suggestions

      My names Brad, I'm currently 22 and living in Canberra.
      Growing up through my teenage years I was a swimmer, use to being in the pool for at least 2 hours every day, was so easy to shed the kgs.

      Although I guess as i grew up and am now working full time it has become harder to find the time to exercise.
      Recently i have found the love/time for exercise again and want to increase muscle - not really bulk up too much but more sculpt my body.

      As you all know this would require a lean diet, minimal fat, low sugar - increased protein and carbs. Although that's exactly where the problem lies.
      I understand that to increase protein I would need to increase my formula... (XP Maximum). Are any other guys on this?
      I have been told by my dietician that when doing weight training of a morning, I should have an extra scoop of formula afterwards to allow my muscles to grow and repair.
      This would also mean that i would essentially eat less...?

      I would love to discuss this further with guys and girls with PKU, as we seem to know more then most through our own experiences

      Cheers guys
    • heya!
      I think we discussed this topic here a few years ago.
      Anyway, being on low protein PKU diet and staying fit is realistic and we have some good examples here (Paul is water polo athlete, I'm a hiker and a scuba diver for example).
      Be careful with general advise on fitness as it does not always apply to us.
      1. Protein - yes, increasing formula intake will help and it's great that your dietitian helps you to regulate the dosage
      2. calories - you need them for exercise. Carbohydrates is the thing you need to pay attention to- especially timing - when to take it, before/after etc.
      eating less may not be a good idea, because if you don't consume enough calories, your body will metabolize protein to get the energy, not exactly what you want, it will essentially prevent muscle build up. So if you want to build muscle and not loose it make sure you balance your protein intake with sufficient calories (but obviously not too much).
      it's always a good idea to check with your dietitian if she can help you adjust any particular general recommendation to your PKU. :)

      hope this helps.
      Carpe Diem!
    • Here are really nice tips. I think you should take care of your diet and also concentrate to your exercise. Make sure that you take low fat and carbs in your diet and drink green tea. It's boost your metabolism and helps to burn extra body fat. That is the most effective way to reduce weight or fat.
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    • Hi Brad

      When training for waterpolo I regularly take some extra food, especially when I come straight from work. For example a banana, when you eat it an hour before you get to benefit from the carbs. When I do power sessions in the gym I take an extra sachet of formula.
      Paul van Berkel
      Eindhoven, The Netherlands
      ESPKU Boardmember / Project manager

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    • I think I should get my brother here to write something. I remember he had a discussion with our PKU detietician sometime ago and I remember she discussed his daily calorie and protein intake with him as well as Forumulas he was taking - he was on 2 Formulas then. Now we`ve switched to new one but it`ll still match his daily protein and calorie intake which was risen but I don`t know the exact numbers.