Alcohol and pku

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    • Alcohol and pku

      I was just wondering (aldults) if you drink Alcohol, and if you do what type and do you know the Phe content.

      I have no idea. WHen I was a teen I asked my doc, and his answer was form a docs point of view.

      SO of course he said just dont drink it, but if you do, only for a toast and make sure it is mixed. Like wine and juice, but no beer.

      I never thought to ask my dietician at the time.

      Of coarse when I was a teen I had a few, but because I didn't get a straight answer I just drank what I felt like.

      I found I got very sick easily! But to this day I dont know what the better option is.

      Luckily I am a non drinker, as I find all alcohol tastes like poison anyway.

      What are your thoughts on alcohol on the PKU diet. Do you think we get sicker or have worse hangovers than non PKU people, and do you drink alcohol?

      Just curious....
    • Hi Rael,

      I don't drink alcohol as I get really sick from it like you. I know that I standard glass of wine is 15mg of Phe or even 1 unit/exchange. I know baileys, red wine has milk solids in it so I don't really know the Phe contents in red wine.
      debbie colyer
    • i drink occasionally , i drink mostly fruity and frozen drinks . like daquries, belinis and margaritas. i also drink the occasional Malibu rum and pineapple banana juice or vodka and juice. I don't count the Phe in them and i don't get sick .. however if i drink beer i do. so i don't. i hate the stuff. even the smell makes me sick to my stomach. i asked my detican when i was a teen and they said vodka in moderation is not bad for u cause its made from potatoes , however beer is cause its made from higher Phe products such as weat.

      im not a big drinker, usually one with a dinner out or special occasions liek birthdays and new years. i do not drink whine cause i cant stomach anything carbonated.

      hope that helps. i don't encourage drinking especially to minors however i do feel that the information should be provided so they can make there choices wisely. if u don't provide the information or keep it from them then it makes it more intriguing.

      consuming alcohol should not be taken wisely and it is your responsibility to no your limit and stay smart. Don't drink and drive. have an alertinive way to get home and have a few plans!
      Amanda Cosburn LPN
      Kamloops, BC Canada

    • I have a taste for microbrew beer (microbrews are big here in the northwest). I see that domestic beer is around 3-4 exchanges and I never have found out what microbrews are. My doctor said the darker the beer, the more Phe it has in it. I have a taste for really super bitter beer and I know that they have a lot of hops. I wonder how much Phe is hops.

      I wish someone could actually figure out the amount of Phe in each different type of microbrew (stouts, red ales, ipa, ect).

      I drink wine occasionally. I used to drink rum or vodka mixed with soda.
      Ali Dietrich
      24 PKU
      Rockaway Beach, OR (USA)
      My PKU Site: The PKU Place
    • Hi Rael;

      It depends on the occasion. Normally when I with Annet we drink red wine, that is something we both like very much. When going to a pub/club I drink either beer or vodka/bitter lemon or a local drink. I do not know exactly how much Phe there is in beer and wine. I know wine contains some Phe, but not too much. Beer is another story ;) but I always compensate it with what I eat before I go out. Luckily I am allowed lots of Phe (compared to most) so I always have some phe's per day left.

      Paul van Berkel
      Eindhoven, The Netherlands
      ESPKU Boardmember / Project manager

      Don't complain about the snow on your neighbor's roof when your own doorstep is unclean.
    • I usually just drink beer, of course I do count this. Sometimes martini when I don't have Phe left for beer. And an occasional whine when i eat in restaurant.

      But I don't think people with PKU are more sensetive to alcohol, get drunk more easyly, or have a worse hangover than people without PKU. For myself, I can take alcohol pretty good, I need to drink quite some beers before I'll be drunk or sick. I usually don't have hangovers, not even when I drank a lot/too much (which does not happen often, can't remember the last time ;)) so I'm really glad about that.
    • Actually i didnt know there is any Phe in the alcohol... ?( It seemed to me there is none as i read once in one of the brouchers with the nutrition facts its got none. Of course unless you add milk or any sugar free or diet products.... But guess even if some of us get drunk easier it shouldnt be that bad right ;) ??? Well i dont get drunk fast personally but i noticed that becouse of our diet's specific menu (less fat an caloric meals -veggi based in general) it might be easier to get the top point of alcohol consumption abilities.

      Sending greets

    • Australian red wine is based on milk solid, and can be made out of fish plus peanuts so I am glad that I didn't have any. I have no idea why they need to put all this stuff into red wine? Unfortunately there is Phe in everything we comsume to some extent. :(
      Have a great day
      Debbie :)
      debbie colyer
    • Well, thats a bit of news for me. That means Phe for beer like above, but now we mention the beer and the wine most of all . So what about vodka or Martini for example... does it mean they have even more phe?.... I mean vodka and martini are through even more transformations than beer proably so i really am affraid it might have even more Phe acuallly?!.... Anybody thought about it and has got any news to share?....

      Thanks ,and take care :)

    • I definitely disagree that people with PKU get sick and hungover easier with alcohol. I know I can hold my alcohol better than 98% of the people I have drank with. If you drink enough water before going to bed while drinking, you can completely negate the effects of the hangover.

      PS: I :love: beer
      23 years old, mild PKU
    • I was actually told by my Human Anatomy and Physiology teacher that eating tons of fruits and veggies (mainly fruits) can help tremendously with hangovers. I don't remember exactly what she said but it has to do with staying hydrating, but not getting it directly from water. Don't ask me why she was telling this to high schoolers LOL!
      ~It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about getting out there and dancing in the rain~
      Breanna Hardy 19 CPKU