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  • Gregor Hammerschmidt

    My name is Gregor Hammerschmidt and I do have PKU myself. I was born in 1986 in Vienna and life there still. Of course PKU is one of the major influences in my life.
    Thats what always given me the urge to communicate with PKUs all around the globe to get a better understanding.

    My parents founded back in 1989 the ÖGAST (Austrian PKU society). Over the time my personal passion to get to know more about PKU increased.
    Currently I'm Chair of the Austrian Society ÖGAST and Assessor to the International PKU organization E.S.PKU.

    My goal has always been a better connection of PKUs around the world. This ultimately leaded to the foundation of PKUBoard. This english speaking board has been started back in 2004. In the mean time Alexander Hennig stared a similar platform in the german speaking area. This lead to a merge of both platforms back in 2008 to get all PKUs together in one place.. This not only reduced our costs and made it possible to offer a greater platform but also increased the number of users available for exchange.

    Unfortunately I'm not as busy writing on the board due to personal obligations as well as my day-time job and all the engagement in PKU organizations. Of course I'm very interested in seeing this platform grow and more people joining it every day. Mostly I'm involved technically and on the administrative side of this board.

    Of course I'm ready to answer your questions if you have any.
    Just use the mentioned possibilities to get in contact with me!
  • Alexander Hennig

    english version coming soon