“Hug for Rare Diseases” - try to break the Guinness record !

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  • this text reach us from Croatia:

    Anja Kladar wrote:

    To Whom it may concern!

    I am wrriting you from Croatian Alliance for Rare Diseases. Please let me introduce our Alliance and "Hug for Rare" action for RDD 2016.
    Croatian Alliance for Rare Diseases is the umbrella organization for rare diseases in Croatia. Today we gather 21 member association and more than 600 individual members, people living with rare diseases and their family members. Until today, we have more than 400 different rare diagnoses in our evidence.
    We started marking Rare Disease Day in 2008, when it was first launched, and since then every year we try to find new ways of raising awareness about rare diseases. Last year we started a campaign called “Hug for Rare Diseases” that consisted of gathering photos of hugs with the sign “Hug for Rare Diseases” and posting them to the web and Facebook page of the Alliance. Also, a poster with all the photos was made and presented at the central event of Rare Disease Day in Zagreb. Promo video for the campaign is available with ENG subtitles: youtube.com/watch?v=NkvDHSGR-Xc
    As continuation and upgrade of this campaign, in partnership with the National Organization for Rare Diseases of Serbia and in cooperation with other organizations from the region, this year we will try to break the Guinness record in the category of the largest online photo album of hugs. To achieve that goal we need to gather more than 108,121 photos in 7 days.

    The photos will be collected during one week, starting Sunday, February 21st and finishing Saturday, February 27th. During that week, many different activities will be organized in Croatia and other countries. In Croatia we will have a competition between 4 main cities - which city will gather more photos :) Simillar competitions will be organized between different companies, schools etc.

    The photos will be gathered through the web platform hugforrare.com/ that is made only for that purpose. The platform will have all the algoritams that Guinness requires (duplicate finder software, search throug countries and cities, etc). The platform will be online on 14th of February (we will have countdown timer one week before the start). Also, promo video for the campaign with the ENG subtitles will be on the web platform and the Youtube channel.
    The slogan of the campaign is “Hug for Guinness! Hug for Rare!” and we will also have a hashtag #hugforrare for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook users. All other countries will also use hugforrare hashtag (some on the local language and some on ENG).

    To fulfill the aim of this project and break the Guinness record we are inviting the whole world to hug and to ulpoad the photos. We have a database of different organizations, institutions, associations, celebrities… from all over the world that will receive our invite to participate and to share the information about the project.
    The long-term aim of the campaign is to brand Rare Disease Day through the Guinness brand by breaking a new Guinness record every year :)

    Kindest regards,
    Anja Kladar, Vice President

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  • agatabak -

    Great Idea! I´ll spread the news among Spanish- speaking associations. XX