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  • ÖGAST means "Österreichische Gesellschaft für Angeborene Stoffwechselstörungen". Translated to English this would mean "Austrian Society for Inborn Errors".

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    General description

    OEGAST is the austrian society for PKU. It's also member of the ESPKU. Besides PKU the OEGAST also holds Galactosaemia patients. There are about 500 members in the austrian society. Also there are many active members and many events that help connecting. Besides the events there is a newspaper released every once and while.


    There a quite a view events organized by the OEAGST. First of all the most important meeting is the general meeting taking place once a year. The second most important meeting is the PKU camp for kids and teenagers. This event is thought to help young PKUs deal with their diet so they get more independent. Beside this two major events there are many litte events like a benefit concert and other trips.

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