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  • CHIP
    The swiss organization CHIP was founded in 1988 by parents whose children have PKU. Today it is an independent organization with 125 members ( representing parents, young adults with PKU, partner organizations and sponsors. The main objective is to unite all persons and institutions involved in PKU and other disorders treated with a low-protein diet and organize meetings for information exchange, courses, camps and other activities.
    The DIG-PKU was founded 1975 by 8 parents, whose kids have PKU. Until today there are about 1550 members on the DIG-PKU. The main objective is to care for PKU as well as other inborn errors. The DIG-PKU is divided into 16 local groups as well as four groups for "Organoacidämien", "Harnstoffzyklusstörungen", "NKH" and "Tyrosinose".
    The Oegast is the austrian society for inborn erros. It has been founded back in 1989 by parents and has been since then the number one place for parents and PKU patients to gather information. There are several big events taking place every year, including the well known diet training camp or the general meeting. Due to those activities and the great support more and more members are joining the Oegast so that there is a steady growth.