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  • I'd love to have more variety when it comes to convenience food. Different types of sauces, maybe a lasagna, pizza etc. However I guess this mainly cannot be produced because frozen food does not go well with shipping... But it would be so handy for days when you don't have time to think of something and prepare extendendly Sometimes these are the days when I eat something I shouldn't.

  • PKU?!

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    Hello David, normally, all babys get tested for Phenylketonurie and if someone hasn't been diagnosed with PKU for some reason and still has it and does not get the much needed diet as baby and child, there are side effects to be expected such as mental retardation and various other symptoms since the high blood levels effect on the developement of the brain. However, I'm sure, that you can get a blood testing if you insist at the doctor's. You might need to offer that you pay the costs for it yo…

  • Dear @Nikijoker congratulations to your plans for doing an internship abroad! I've never been to Ireland before, so I cannot be of any help, however, since you haven't received replies so far, I suggest you might look for a PKU group on Facebook, I think there is one for GB / Ireland, so you might get in touch with other PKUs from there. Good luck - and have a successful internship! Katie

  • Wow, that really sounds promising and sooo great Hopefully the product is as good as it sounds and hopefully it can be made accessable for all PKU patients as well...

  • Hey I'm not sure about the microwave-cooking for PKU products. However, there are a few products on the market which can be prepared with hot water which is very convenient. Where do you come from? Take Care, Katie

  • Also ich habe mich auch schonmal an die Nudeln rangetraut, gerade auch in der Verbindung mit dem Thema Abnehmen. An alle, die die Nudeln auch schon probiert haben... hattet ihr auch so ein "quietschiges" Gefühl beim Kauen der Nudeln? Hatte ich eine komische Marke / Sorte probiert, falsch zubereitet oder war das bei euch auch so? Sind die einfach so? Wenn alle so sind, dann mag ich die nimmer essen.... Danke für eure Rückmeldung LG