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    MarcoS - - Bloodlevels and blood samples


    Hi, I've not heard of a working home tool yet. It would be interesting how it is working and how precise it is. I just know a group in Zurich which is working on developing such a tool. But it is quite difficult, since this tool has to detect a single amino acid and not just a whole molecule (like in diabetes).

  • @Paul I wrote an explanation in german and attached the paper. If you are interested:

  • That's a difficult question and I don't know if there is an answer yet. I am also curious for the results of the study. Would be interesting if they find some differences regarding synapses, plasticity and myelination. Furthermore, I am interested in a comparison of the biological and chronological age.

  • Some days ago, I posted a paper unfortunatley just in the german part of the board about the amyloid like structures (Adler-Abramovich et al., 2012). This topic is really interesting and could explain what is happening in the brain. However, it is very difficult to work on this. Cell cultures are of limited suitability and I don't know to which extent mouse models are convenient. It would be very interesting to work with hIPSCs derived (cortical-)neurons on this.

  • Hi, I don't know what you want to do abroad but if you want to do an internship you should depend your decision of where to go on your preferred company, institute or whatever and not if there is a PKU family or not, especially if you are looking for a special field. If you want to do an au pair you can try to contact the organizations if they have any pku families. I am also abroad at the moment and it is definitely feasible even without a PKU host family Don't hesitate if you have any question…

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    MarcoS - - Traveling with PKU


    I am currently in Boston, USA. I am doing an internship in the field of neuroscience and will stay here still a while (until the end of August ). It is my first time in the US and it is really exciting. I'm really looking forward to see some more cities here like New York and Miami. It needed some time to plan this trip in respect of PKU but it works very well! I am really glad that there are some people who have already experience with such long journeys. They helped me to get the supplements a…

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    MarcoS - - Everybody and his dog


    Indeed, that is a really funny video This song is a one of my feel-good songs at the moment, enjoy!

  • I wrote her an email but she didn't answer yet. I also never heard of this method before. I doublechecked some websites but I didn't find any recent publications about it. Indeed, there were some succesfull tries in 2011 with mice but it seems that there is no further processing crurently.