Terms of use

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  1. Profanity

    Please remember this is an all age Forum. There is NO reason to use Foul Language.
    General Courtesy - Please be polite to each other and try to get along. This is a community for everyone. Lets get along with each other.
  2. Respect Others

    Be respectful to other members. As we all have different opinions on just about every aspect of life, please keep in mind that one persons opinion is thier own and you can not change that.
    Everyone has a right to their opinion.
  3. Respect Authority

    Please respect the staff. They are here to help, not to babysit. If you feel that they are abusing their authority then you can report them, we will resolve the issue.
  4. Discrimination

    Racism, sexism and any other form of discrimination will NOT be tolerated. Any derogatory remarks to anyone who is of a different race or ethnicity is just wrong. This will be severely enforced.
  5. Fighting Members

    This is a PKU forum, not a boxing ring. A heated debate is one thing, but when members are just bashing each other this disrupts the whole community and will not be tolerated. Take your fight to an IM and resolve the issue then come back.
  6. Search function

    Many questions have already been answered in this forum. These answered can be accessed quickly by using the search function. To use the search might be a little extra work but has a big advantage: In many cases it is the fasted way to get an answer to a problem.
  7. Warez

    Posting links to warez-related sites (that includes bittorrent trackers) or to files such as copyrighted music or any other type of illegal files is strictly forbidden.
  8. Advertisement

    Any form of commercial advertisement for products or sales is strictly forbidden. Counteracting will result in a ban and no further permission to use PKUBoard.info.
  9. Access for companies

    Under certain circumstances, and only with permission of the board-administration, companies are permitted to have an official board account. This account may not be created by the company but is provided by PKUBoard.info. This account has some limitations to an normal account:

    • Private messages may not be sent to any other board member
    • Only some special areas are available for posts from companies
    • Posts from companies will be reviewed before visible to all users
    • Some functions may only be available partial, if available at all
    • Alink to the companies homepage may only be posted in the profil field
    • Product advertisement and any other form of advertisement is not permitted
    • Without special permission, polls or other market research may not be executed

    Any infringement will lead to sanctions, and in the worst case to a permanent ban from the board.
  10. Private Messages

    Private Messages may only be used for private communication. Any advertisement or other form of commercial usage is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
  11. Banning

    The administration keeps the right to ban (exclude) you from using PKUBoard.info. You will receive further information via E-Mail if you get banned. Creating a new account to bypass the ban is forbidden.
  12. Changes

    Terms of conditions may be changed, you would find information about that within the news section.

(Last update: Sep 29th 2014, 9:00am)