Avonil. Does somebody use it????

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    • Avonil. Does somebody use it????

      Hi everybody!

      I am a PKU parent. Due to our health system, we had only one choice of formula: SHS Maxamaid until now. Now we are forced to change to Prekulab Avonil. Child is 7,5 years now.
      Does anybody use Avonil? Does anybody know some comments about it? I tried to search for it in this forum, but unsuccessfully.
      Please let me know if you use Avonil or if you have heard about it? Is it aproved anywhere in Europe? I feel depressed knowing nothing about it.

      Thanks for any help!
    • Hi KrS.

      I know they use Avonil powder and tablets here in Denmark. I am a German living in Denmark, so I don't know it very well - I still use my German formular, BUT I think Avonil is even produced here in Denmark.... I found this page on the Internet:

      I am sorry to hear you are forced to switch formular and can't decide on you own!!

      If there's something else you want/need to know I could try to ask some Danish people with PKU on facebook.

    • Thanks for replaying. It was the most terrible thing to switch to formula that nobody knows...
      I checked Avonil description in Prekulab's webpage. But it would be great to get comments from those who use it.
      We all are in panic here, so any comments could help us much.

      Chattanooga, thanks for Your care!
    • You're welcome :)
      Just write your questions to Avonil down here (or in a mail) and I will try to ask some Danes.
      I think it will be easier to answer some specific questions than to come with a generel comment.
      So feel free to ask all your questions and I will forward them to the Danish FB site and get back to you :thumbsup:
      Have a great evening.
    • So, my questions:
      1. For me it is very important to know if anybody uses this.
      2. From suppliers in Lithuania I received package information. There is no information, how it shoudl be diluted. Is there any instructions, proportions of how much water should be used with powder? How does it taste, if to compare with other formulas. Maybe it is so bad, that only few pwople can bear it????
      3. If nobody uses, then why? Maybe it is not popular because other formular providers make better promotion, maybe taste is better or are there any reasons?
      4. If somebody used it but quit, then why? Does Avonil cause any side effects?
      5. Is there any using tips, like it is better with juice, after meal or etc.

      Iwas told several times that only I can ask questins in every situation. But I need to know the situation.
      Thank You in advance!