blood samples and ilness

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    • blood samples and ilness

      Hey, I have a question. Few days ago I´ve decided to make my home blood test, but now I´m ill. Do you do your blood tests when you´re ill? I know that my blood level will be probably too high, because of ilness. Or it´s better to wait 1-2 weeks and make blood test then? And what can I do to keep my blood levels good? I feel too weak to cook something with optimal energy and proteins :( any advices? :S
    • yes still do your bloods i do my daughters even if she is ill and then ill do a follow up one. if you are that poorley my daughters dietician says not to worry too much about protien just take what you can as you said your levels will probs be high. also drink flat lucozade or other glucose drink as the carbs help and drink pleanty of it. thats really the only way ive helped my daughter when she has been ill. hope you get well soon xxx
    • I did my sample 2 days ago and now I´m curious what can I expect...they probably will be too high because I didn´t eat for 3 days, I guess. I started a day with 2 slices of bread with butter and cucumber, and the next meal was between 7 and 9 pm...But all the time I drink my formula and sometimes i add 2-3 teaspoons of Maltodextrin ( I don´t know if is Maltodextrin also known in your country, I´m from Slovakia). It gaves me small part of energy which I needed :) thank you for advices :)
    • On a side note I had my usual full blood screen done at my last hospital visit and some of my liver function test results were slightly high.

      It turns out that the antibiotics that I was taking at the time for a sinus infection temporarily raised some of the levels of the liver function tests.

      So if you are taking medications before any blood work is being done it is best to mention it.