mild pku

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    • the first powdered milk formula my daughter had, she projectiled vomited across the room , she was then slightly sick after each feed, she stopped being sick when she went onto cows milk around six months old,she had no other symptoms until she was four and started school. between the ages four and six she was diagnoised with epilepsy, adhd, dylexia, she was always pale, had fainting spells, teachers said she was backward. she always had dandruff, she started to have white hair, she would blink and jerk when she came into sunlight. on serveral occasions she had a mousey smell about her. lastly she was beginning to withdraw into herself and started to talk babyish. a friend told me to take her off aspartame and introduced me to a alternative health doctor for children. her mineral and vitamin levels were very low. within a month without aspartame and taking large doses of minerals and vitamins all of the symptoms but two disappeared and she was normal. the two things left were the eye blinking and the jerking in sunlight. she went on to university, but one night after a party she had a major seizure, she had mixed aspartame and alcohol which caused it. i always believed that her problems were to be with PKU , i insisted on blood tests when she was six but they came back ok, i eventually found a web site which said that all her symptoms including the eye blinks and jerks were because of mild PKU. while she was in university she started to become a vegetaian and we noticed that her eye blinks and jerks were much better. because of all the reach i have done for my daughter i believe that ADHD, dylexia and autism are just symptoms of PKU . my daughter is working as a teaching assistant at a special needs school and believes many of the children in the school have mild PKU as she can see many of the same symptoms that she had.