possibly pregnant

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    • possibly pregnant

      hi im new here i have PKU and had gone off diet for quite some time my husband and i are ttc at current, i had recently re commenced the diet and have been on the preconception diet for four months before i was told it was ok to start trying. i went off the pill and had my last period which started on the 15/1/2013 i have not had another since i am 8 days overdue going by 28 day cycle which what i was prior to being on the pill but have heard that it does take some women time to get their first period post being on the pill, i have had some slight possible pregnant symptoms.

      my blood levels had been between 120 and 240 which is the range in australia however my last result had dropped to 70 my dietician had thought i may be pregnant based on the blood level i dont think i had changed my diet enough for it to drop that much. my dietician stated that your levels do drop when you become pregnant.

      any other women here who have been pregnant did your levels drop? i have done 2 pregnancy tests one being this morning and they have both come back negative, i am very curious i sent off another blood test this morning and i do have an appointment with the gp later today who could re test for me.

      any help would be great
    • hi kate ;)

      i´m not a woman and not a docotor, but i can tell you from my knowledge, that your bloodlevel should not drop when you get pregnant. Later when you are in week 6 or 8 it start to be difficult to control the level, because then the baby get bigger. but in the beginning there should be no change.

      I think the bloodlevel that it drop to 70 is from something else. But 70 is little low. you should get back to 120.

      greetings from germany