pku and rash?

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    • pku and rash?

      Hi I am currently on the pre conception diet and early this year when I had a low Phe reading I had developed a rash all over my body it was very itchy my Phe levels at the time when the rash had started were 80 from memory. The rash lasted 3 weeks and I had to take steriods for it to go away. My Phe levels again had come up due to me being unwell. A few months later my sister who also has PKU developed the same rash she is also on the pre conception diet neither of us have ever had any skin problems. We both have different dieticians as she lives interstate and they had both said that they have not heard of it before and believe it is not related to PKU. Has anyone here had a similar reaction regardless if their Phe level was low or not.
    • Hi,

      i don´t have a complet rash on my body, but i have sometimes places that are itching and getting red. I know what you mean with that but it little different than yours so i´m not sure if it is my skin that is very sensitive or from PKU or both ?

      I never heard from somebody that has it. But in some books it is written when you get this sometimes, but not when it happen. It could be with high levels.
    • The connection between PKU and eczema is well known. As fas as I know PKU patients are more likely to have an eczema than a person without PKU.
      I did a quick google search and found this explanation .

      PKU and Eczema
      Q. My son has what appears to be an itchy eczema on his face at times. Is this related to PKU? His blood Phe levels is usually but not always in good control.

      A. When the Phe level is elevated, the child is more likely to have eczema. The phenylacetic acid that is formed from the breakdown of phenylalanine is irritating to the skin. Eczema is a very common problem in untreated PKU and almost always disappears when the diet is started.