Phe levels affected by allergy??

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    • Phe levels affected by allergy??

      My son is three months old and they still have not figured out his Phe tolerance. they had him all the way down at 130 mg per day at 5 weeks old because after a 3 day Phe-fast his Phe levels were still about 13%. they finally switched him off dairy formula as his dad is very lactose in-tolerate and once he stopped comsuming a milk based formula his levels dropped down to 1.2% in two weeks. They have been slowing adding Phe to find the right balance and his levels keep dropping. they added 35 mgs and he went from 1.2% to .9% then added about 35 mg and went to .5%. they added 35 mg again which brought him to 235 mg/day and his levels dropped again and now are .083%. They increased him 60 mg yesterday which brings up to 295 mg/day and we hoping it does something but they have no idea whats wrong with him.
      has anyone had this happen or heard of this before?? im trying to keep it together but its a little scary!