Anyone flown with Lophlex ?

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    • Anyone flown with Lophlex ?

      Hi,I am currently in the process of returning to diet at present ,after many years of being off diet. As like many of you I have travelled quite successfully with the diet in my teens. My main concern is the fact that my current formula is in liquid form, with the restrictions of taking liquids on board I am interested to know what peoples experiences are,and weather you've had any difficulties with liquid formulas ? The last time I actually flew with the diet I was 7. I fly regularly to Ireland and I am planning to go again this summer though I am a little apprehensive about taking the diet with me this time.I am also interested to know what people do with PKU food generally,do you take it as hand luggage or do you check it in?
    • thanks so much for your reply,I wandered if they would be stricter with it being liquid.I also have another question about formula,when dinning out on social occasions do you take formula before going out or after comming back? do you take it with a snack or without if your going to eat anyway?and how soon before going out? These might seem like really obvious questions but the last time I was on diet I took all my formula in the mornings so it wasn't an issue this time I have to spread it throughout the day with food.
    • I give my son his formula after the meal otherwise he's too full to complete the carefully planned meal and I have to start dissecting the rest of his food and weigh everything again. Furthermore, you don't have to take the formula for every single meal. My son gets his formula thrice a day, morning, afternoon and evening. SInce he gets a warm lunch (that is comparatively rich in protein anyway), we skip this meal. This makes for less trouble with the kindergarten. If you still want to take your formula when going out and don't want to do it publicly to avoid discussions about PKU, then simply take it on a trip to the bathroom.

      As for your original question, Alexander is right. Simply take a document from your clinic with you. It needs to state that it is imperative that you take several protein supplements everyday with your meals and are dependent on specialised food. Btw, I would take more with you on board than what you need during the flight in case your luggage is lost. Imagine your food and formula is in your luggage and the luggage is sent on the wrong plane once across the globe. Be sure to ask the airline about restrictions for bringing food on-board. I think the US are especially strict about taking food with you, within the EU it is not as strict. Fruit you can buy anywhere, but you need to make sure that you are allowed to bring your bread with you and whatever else you need (special meat/cheese etc.) since you can't simply obtain new stuff in the next supermarket. In addition you should put a copy of the clinic's document with the food and formula in you luggage in case it gets searched and you are not with them to explain.