Asking some questions

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    • Asking some questions


      I’m Bo van
      den Bosch and I’m doing a school project about the PKU diet. We, my team and I,
      are looking for way to make the diet more bearable. Unfortunately we can’t
      change the way the nutrition supplements taste so we’re looking for another

      We have several ideas. For example making a book with recipes, which is clear and
      organized. However, we have never experienced what it is like to have to follow
      this diet. We can’t experience the problems have. So we need your help, tell us
      what bothers you most about the diet. Tell us what your needs are and what you
      think that will help you most. If you have (new refreshing) ideas, please tell
      us here.

      Thanking you in advance,

      Bo van den Bosch
      The Netherlands