Your favorite low-protein product

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    • Your favorite low-protein product


      Today I want to start a topic about YOUR favorite low-protein product. Of course I also want to know why!
      If you can, share a link to the product homepage, or a webshop where you can order it!

      I'll also make the start and let you know what MY favorite product is.
      I'm using the Wilmersburger Cheese ( a lot lately. Why?
      Cause it's super easy to get in Austria (like in every supermarket) and because it's super cool to use. It melts, so you can use it for pizza, or you can just put it onto your bread. Just something for every day, and if it's just like a normal product in the supermarket it makes it even better!

      Looking forward to hear about your favorite product. Maybe there is something I don't know yet!

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