Journalist seeking hepatocyte transplantation parent/patient

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    • Journalist seeking hepatocyte transplantation parent/patient


      My name is Jessica Wapner and I am a science writer based in New York. I am writing a story for Scientific American about hepatocyte transplantation. This treatment (where only some liver cells are transplanted, not entire organ) is being explored as a treatment for many liver-related disorders, including phenylketonuria.

      I am interested in speaking with a patient or the parents of a child patient who has undergone this procedure, just to ask a few questions about your experience and results. If you are interested in being interviewed on this topic, please contact me by e-mail at If you know someone who has direct experience with this procedure, please feel free to pass on my request and e-mail address.

      The timings are urgent -- I need to speak with someone this week. If you want to verify my credentials, please visit my website,

      Thank you for any responses.
      - Jessica
    • I have never heard about anybody with PKU receiving this kind of treatment, at least not solely as a possible treatment for PKU. Normally the PKU community is closely following any progress with new treatments, but nothing of that kind has surfaced yet. Even if we might not be able to help you with your research, we would be grateful to hear about your results. Maybe you can give us a heads-up when your story is published.
    • Hello @jessicawapner: I have never heard of such a treatment for PKU. There have been some tests on mice but as far as I know results didn't turn out to be as expected. Currently research is heading a different road (BH4 and PEG-PAL). Maybe this is a viable treatment option for other disease but I have never heard of any phase that made it to human testing.

      Can you elaborate on your sources for the claim this is an treatment option for PKU? - since 2004 - Invite your friends
    • I wrote her an email but she didn't answer yet.
      I also never heard of this method before. I doublechecked some websites but I didn't find any recent publications about it. Indeed, there were some succesfull tries in 2011 with mice but it seems that there is no further processing crurently.