Where to buy Wheat Starch

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    • Where to buy Wheat Starch

      Dear PKU Board,
      I am an American living in Germany and often bake with wheat starch (Weizen Staerke) for my 8 year old son who has CPKU. I've always bought it in the US. Where can I buy it here? It is not in Globus or any Reforhaus or even Hammermuehle. I live in Neustadt a. d. W.
      Thanks in advance!
      Mila Galloni
    • I know of a brand that is called Weizenin. It is a former East German brand, therefore, we still can buy it in the Eastern states. I'm not sure which West German supermarkets actually have this. But I googled it and you can get it on Amazon. (Is there anything you can't get on Amazon? I would never think to look there for food. 8| )

      Edit: Edeka is supposed to have it as well.