PKUBoard and E.S.PKU are launching the Travel Network

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    • PKUBoard and E.S.PKU are launching the Travel Network

      Dear Users,

      We are very proud to announce the launch of the Travel Network, a joined project by PKUBoard and E.S.PKU. It's an idea that has been picked up at a E.S.PKU conference. Although traveling with PKU has significantly improved there are still some hurdles to overcome. This is why it's always a great relieve if someone knowing about PKU can support in country that's been traveled to. This can be a local contact only, or go as far as being someone offering a place to stay.

      This is why it's now possible to sign up for the Travel Network. You can decide what you want to offer and what you are expecting in return.
      Also privacy is a great issue. Therefore you can decide which inquiry you accept and who can see your detailed data. Only PKUBoard members can send an inquiry.

      We are looking forward to see many entries in order to build a large travel network soon.
      At the E.S.PKU conference (not too late to register) this Travel Network will be presented Live.

      So maybe you want to join the network now?

      Your PKUBoard Team - since 2004 - Invite your friends