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    • Travel Passport

      The E.S.PKU created a Travel Passport to make traveling with PKU easier. It helps you at the costume control or at the security check for you luggage.

      This document offers the possibility for doctors to easily provide information about the currently used FSMP (Food for Special Medical Purposes) or medication. Also included is a description for each of the following diseases: Phenylketonuria, Maple syrup urine disease, Tyrosineaemia, Homocystinuria, Glutaric Aciduria, Isovaleric acidamea, Methylamonic acidaemia / Proprionic acidaemia. This information is provided in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish and Russian.

      Link to E.S.PKU Website for more information
    • Maria,

      Did you find out anything more about this? My son is 15 and starting to travel more independently, and it sounds useful.

      For everyone - we have developed an improved letter with the doctors at CHEO based on our travel experiences to date, and would be happy to share the text. It has made a big difference at some security checkpoints at airports.