Campaign for 210 Children with PKU from Gaza Strip

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    • Campaign for 210 Children with PKU from Gaza Strip

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      Dear all,

      I write here somehow late, but it's advent, so I guess the time might be appropriate. Please spend your time reading this and decide if is worth getting involved. Hope there's nothing wrong in posting this kind of content at this forum (if so, just let me know).

      As You might know from the ESPKU conference, Spanish PKU and AD Federation and ASFEMA, local association from Madrid, launched a campaign in order to raise funds to cover formula expenses for the 210 children who are suffering from PKU in Gaza. the campaign ends within a month.

      All the details of the situation may be consulted right here: But basically, the situation was as follows: in summer of 2014, the supplies of PKU formula suddenly stopped. The costs of the monthly treatment were too high for the families to acquire them (please observe that the unemployment rate in Gaza Strip is extremely high and that many businesses have been closed. the industry is also almost inexistent). Brilliant Future Association, the association that gathers pku families in the zone, tried to search for funds for formula by all means. We are just one of the campaigners (please look at the campaign page to see who alse is involved).
      Please consider that although the situation is now better, the Palestinian association got involved in many projects, the situation is not stable at all. Precisely beceuse we know what the consequences of the untreated PKU are, we should be first to help each other.We managed to buy ONLY 54 cans so far, and we want to at least double this result. While on the Spanish site of the campaign we managed to raise a half of the proposed amount (in fact, we raised more in some charity events), the English part of the campaign remained somehow aside. I want to mend that, and that is why I am informing here, which I think is an appropriate place to do that, about the campaign.
      Here's the link to the English language campaign page:
      Spanish campaign is doing somehow better:
      You can also join us on facebook:

      Note also that Akram Asfour, one of the members of the board of BFA is present here at the forum, so you can easily contact him and talk about whatever you want.

      Please feel free to spread the news and share it with your friends. I am here to answer all your questions. If you want to see our transparency policy and how we help in detail, You can read about it all on the campaign page.
      Agata. Let me tell you some stories at and
    • Dear all
      A quick follow up on the situation. I have a week to apply for a big grant which I would like to destiny to the further implementation of the collaboration with Brilliant Future Association from Gaza Strip. This grant would enable us to finance some further fundraising actions in Europe and hopefully also some very basic project in the Gaza Strip itself.

      if anyone of you would like to become part of the next year team - if possible on behalf of some PKU association - please let me know ASAP and we talk

      I received the info on the grant really late, the deadline is really soon, so I will need to improvise, but the more feedback I get here, the better and more the detailed the project will be.
      Thanks in advance :*
      Agata. Let me tell you some stories at and