News from the bloodlevel database

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    • News from the bloodlevel database

      Dear PKUBoard'ies

      We are very happy to be able to present you an improved version of our bloodlevel database.
      This update offers a great deal of new features that we want to introduce briefly to you.

      The PHE-Trendline
      Your PHE-Values will feature a trendline as of now. This will allow you to easily see in which directions your levels are developing.

      Tyrosin Values
      From now on you can track your tyrosin level as well. You can display them as a graph as well!

      Adding bloodlevels to your posts
      From now on you can add your bloodlevels to your post. You will find the code you need within every bloodlevel entry ("Share"). To make it easier it's also included within the editor. You can select a bloodlevel to inculde with an easy click there. We hope this supports those of you who prefer to run a diary as a post.…b363721189680e35493639adb

      New Options
      In your profile you can now select when you want to be reminded to track a bloodlevel. Also you can automatically subscribe to entries as soon as you comment them so you never loose track of conversations.

      Board Sidebar
      You will now see within the sidebar how many bloodlevels a user has created.

      We hope you enjoy the new features as we do!
      If you have questions feel free to through them at us.

      Cheers your PKUBoard Team - since 2004 - Invite your friends