Nutrition classes in elementary school - how do you cope?

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    • Nutrition classes in elementary school - how do you cope?

      Hi there - I'm looking for advice. My grade 1 child with PKU is getting pretty confused by his nutrition classes at school. It seems that the classes are undoing all the dietary teaching we've done at home! Has anyone else gone through this? Should I talk to the school and risk him being segregated, or just keep telling him to ignore what they are teaching? So far, I've been doing the latter while explaining to him why they're teaching nutrition in school (not everyone teaches their kids to eat properly), and that it's a good thing they're learning it, but he eats perfectly well for himself and his diet, so it doesn't apply to him. I've also told him that sometimes we have to learn things in a group setting that don't apply to our lives. I'm worried he's going to apply my explanation to spelling/math, etc. Thoughts?