PAH variant

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  • PAH variant

    Hi, I am new here. I did genetic tests (via 23andme).
    I am not a mother yet. I plan to get pregnant soon (I am not married and I might use a sperm donor).
    The results I got from 23andme for "Phenylketonuria (PKU) and Related Disorders" indicate that "one variant detected in PAH gene"
    It is also written there -
    We detected one variant for PKU and related disorders.
    People with only one variant are not expected to have PKU or a related disorder.
    If you and your partner are both carriers, each child may have a 25% chance of having this condition. Your relatives may also wish to consider testing if they plan to have children.

    This got me a bit nervous.
    How can I be sure my future partner or sperm donor, doesn't have a mutation in this gene? Or that my future fetus is not a carrier?
    In my country (Israel) PKU is not routinely checked.

    I would love to hear anything you can share...