Useful Diet Shortcuts?

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    • Useful Diet Shortcuts?

      I have been off diet for several years and am working out the logistics of potentially going back on. I have another condition (ME/CFS) which leaves me with little to no energy and severely impaired cognitive functions, so managing the diet on my own would be impossible. I live on my own, but my mother has volunteered to make me regular batches of meals to put in my freezer if it would help me get back on diet, in the hope getting my levels back down would make a big difference to my overall health. However, there's a lot more stuff to take into account.

      Does anyone have experience managing PKU alone with severe symptoms/a different condition that makes it harder? Any tips for making the diet easier? I've got ideas already but more would be welcome! As many as possible!
      Considering going back on diet. Would appreciate all the help I can get!