hair loss with untreated PKU

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    • hair loss with untreated PKU

      Hi,so I am wondering is my hair loss connected with me not being on my diet for well I would say 4-5 years from now.I can see it getting thiner and I am really scared.I am getting back on my diet for sure but I am really scared if there is no coming back from this.If anyone hass been in the same situation or knows more any advice would be great :worried:
    • Hello :)

      As far as I know, only the colour of the hair can change due to high phe levels (there is less melanin and so the hair gets lighter than being on strict diet). However, maybe it can also cause hair loss, I'm not sure about it. However, the hair growth is mainly directed by hormones, so maybe you can get a check up at your gynecologist! Also stress is a big factor - I had hair loss at some point too, due to stress. It went away after a few months. Also maybe not taking the formula regularly (and not being properly distributed with the essential vitamins and minerals and proteins) might be a reason.

      I hope you find out the reason soon and that your hairgrowth normalizes. I know how sad and stressful this is...

      All the best.