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  • Hey. I'm 24 years old, male. All my life I've struggled with protein. I become suicidal at the wrong swipe of a fork. I can't think if I eat any beans, let alone meat.

    Could I actually have this rare disease? I can't believe it. All my life, every doctor I've went to. They all said I was crazy. There's nothing wrong with me.

    Recently I've started eating veggies and fruits exclusively. And I feel like for the first time in my damned (sorry, I'm emotional) life, I can think. I can... I can breathe.

    Please somebody respond. Somebody tell me I'm not crazy and it might just be that 1 in a 10,000 chance. Tell me there is a real possibility I have PKU.

    How do I test it? Just go to the doctor and ask?

  • Hello David,

    normally, all babys get tested for Phenylketonurie and if someone hasn't been diagnosed with PKU for some reason and still has it and does not get the much needed diet as baby and child, there are side effects to be expected such as mental retardation and various other symptoms since the high blood levels effect on the developement of the brain.

    However, I'm sure, that you can get a blood testing if you insist at the doctor's. You might need to offer that you pay the costs for it yourself - but then I think you can get a testing. In case the blood levels are higher than the average blood levels of non-PKUs, your doctor will talk to you about the necessary steps to take.

    All the best.