PKU Clinics in Australia

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    • PKU Clinics in Australia


      My boyfriend and I were discussing moving to Australia next year. I have no idea yet what part we would be going or even if we do but I am curious about how the health system deals with people with PKU.

      In Ireland we do not have to pay for our fornula or low pro foods. Is it like that in Oz? Are there many clinics for people who have PKU?

      The last time I attended my own clinic I remember the doc saying that Ireland has the highest population of PKU and next to us is New Zealand.

      I am just looking for general info. I havent had a chance yet to run a proper search or even contact my clinic for advice etc so if you do have any please let me know!

    • We have PKU Clinics in every capitol city of Australia. In Perth Western Australia, Sydney N.S.W, Brisbane Queensland, we have separate clinics for kids and adults, Melbourne Victoria, Adelaide in South Australia the adult's are seen in the children's clinics. We do have low protein pastas, rices, biscuits, energy cheese, milks which we order from SHS which is located in Sydney. Our formula is subsitized by our government so we pay around $30.00 per script at our pharmacist who orders the formula in for us. We do get a low protein allowance which is $210 a month as long as we go to clinic and do blood tests.
      I can give you all the PKU clinic addresses but need to look them up to post you the exact information.
      Please let me know if I can help you further glad to help in any way. I will post the clinic details soon.
      debbie colyer
    • Thanks for that Debbie.

      We have been talking about this non-stop and have decided to go on a holiday in April to Melbourne and then travel around to see if we like it and if we can get jobs.

      There is an Australian Exhibition on this weekend which we'll check out and find out about visas etc but I am really excited!!

      The only drawback for me is the spiders!! I am terrified of even the smallest spider never mind huge ones or cockroaches....
    • I remember a situation with a spider. It was at work...
      One was walking on the floor and my friend was standing in front of that spider screaming + asking someone to kill it :D I had to kill them while my both neighbours from my office react on them the same... .
      Many PKU recipes and information on various benefits for PKUers and families with kids with PKU.
      Language: Polish
    • I really hate spiders, cockroaches, grass hoppers anything like that so you are not all alone!! Just thinking about them makes my skin crawl, yuck!
      It is great that you are comming out here next April. If you come to Sydney let me know and I can show you around the city plus the PKU clinics etc.
      debbie colyer
    • We have ... hm... let me see 2 companies that offer PKU food that food expensive it is not covered. Fortunatly I can replace some low pro food with normal one plus there is Milupa and SHS but those 2 are the most important. Their products are simillar so they work on qually of their products. So far Poznan vs Krakow... . As for me Krakow wins :D they have delicious (and expensive :O) bread
      Many PKU recipes and information on various benefits for PKUers and families with kids with PKU.
      Language: Polish