How filling is formula??

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    • How filling is formula??

      Hi everyone!!

      This is my first time posting on this board. I just joined last week (thanks Aaron for letting me know about this board!) I do know most of you through the listerv.

      I do have a question. Both my kids with PKU mainly eat fruit and veggies. I'm wondering if it's possible for them to get full just with fruit and veggies? How much does formula fill you up?? I do give them their formula after or halfway through their meals. I'm jusy curious because I don't have PKU and there's NO WAY I'd be full on just fruit and veggies.
      Maureen mom to 2 with pku
    • ive found in my life that different formulas have had different effects on me periflex was extremly filling for me so much so that i have contemplated going back on it just for my morning formula
      but PKU express isnt so bad either in the morning i mix it in the blender with juice and europes best frozen fruits and at times i even add a little honey

      truth is we all react to formula differently and the advice i can give you is to try some different ones and see which ones the boys feel more full on

      ( by the way maureen it was my pleasure)
    • Maureen, I think it depends. Right now I drink the PKU express coolers and those are filling to some extent, but not to the point where I can't eat anything else. On the other hand I had to stop taking Phenylade because it filled me up to much to the point where I wouldn't want to finish it because it gave me stomach aches. I'm back on Phenylade (along with the coolers and XPhe maxmum juice boxes) but that is only because I'm on Kuvan and need to add powdered milk into my formula and phenylade is the easiest to do that with.

      Also I guess fruits and veggies might fill them because they're little. I remember when I was little I got full so fast that I wouldn't gain wait and it got to the point where when I was 6 I weighed about 32lbs, my mom was accused of malnurition (which of course was bologna) and she had to start counting calories to help me gain weight.
      ~It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about getting out there and dancing in the rain~
      Breanna Hardy 19 CPKU
    • Hey Maureen, good to see you here, sorry for not suggesting it sooner :)

      I get full on my formula pretty easy. when i get hungry at a time between meals I drink my formula instead of eating, when I am at home, aaround 5 or six i have formula or food and then around 9 have the one that I didnt have.

      I also have a terribly small appiete anyway and sometimes eat veggies or salad as a meal

      I dont know if you heard that I am writing a book, i was wondering if i can email you some questions sometime.
      talk soon
      Carrie Hall
      32 CPKU
      Ottawa, ON

      Mommy of 2 kids non-PKU