banana flambee

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    • banana flambee

      never thought I'd love this dish. I'm not a great fan of bananas especially cooked, but this dish that I tried in Cuba was really good. Banaas were slighly cooked (will get a proper recipe later), but the trick is - rum. It was set on fire and blue flames were poured over the fruit. It was spectacular. :) It took about 30sec for the flames to disappear after that the dessert could be eaten. It's very pow Phe since the ingredients are bananas, rum, some butter (I think, not sure) and some sugar. That's it. I'll try my best to find you a good recipe that you can try at home (just be careful with setting rum on fire - it has to be done in separate dish)
      Carpe Diem!
    • Wow, that sounds delicious. :D Hopefully you can provide a recipe soon :]

      That reminds me of "baked bananas". I had that for dessert in a restaurant. I thought it would be only honey and bananas. You fry the bananas with the honey. That's so delicious. But then I found out, that the most common way to prepare them is to add some dough. So I never had that again. I might try that with a low-phe dough. I'll find a recipe for that too.

    • RE: banana flambee

      Hey Everyone I actually have a banana flambee recipe for everyone to try. Honestly I havent tried it I ahve to get my husband to do it for me but I will give it to you. I think Its a bit different the one we are talking about but here you go. Let me know how it is ok!!

      8 medium ripe bananas (ripe)
      1/3 cup of OJ (orange juice)
      1/4 cup of butter
      4 tablespoons of white rum
      1/3 cup of pineapple jam

      1.In large frying pan melt butter over meduim heat.
      2.Add bananas and cook for 3-4 minutes, then carefully turn bananas over adn cook for another 1-2 mintues or just until tender.
      3. Transfer bananas into a dish.Set aside
      4.Add pineapple jam, rum, and OJ to frying pan;bring to boil and cook for 2 minutes or until sauce sauce thickens. Return bananas to dish.
      5 Sereve immediatly, top it off with ice cream or sweetened whipped cream (cool whip)

      TRY IT OUT!!!!! Hope this helps.
      Sandra McCluskey :)
      Saint John, NB
      Mother of 1