How do you drink your formula ?

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    • I drink the PAM Anamix together with PAM Maternal and water also 3 times a´s great because you can find water everywhere when you are on the way (for example business etc.)

      I do that since i was a child ;)
      mit den 3 Jungs *2007 ; *2010 und *2013

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    • I drink the XPhe Maxamum juice boxes like Amanda, so they're premade...and the PKU express coolers and they're premade to...and Phenylade chocolate, which isn't premade. I have to fight with my little sister over our cups that we make our formula in when I want to make the Phenylade. We have about 5 of them, but she always makes her formula and leaves them around the house. We always find them, but only because they start to rot and smell!!!

      I'm suppose to take 2 juice boxes, or 2 coolers, or 3 scoops of phenylade or some sort of combonation of that (to get 25-30g of protein).
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      Breanna Hardy 19 CPKU
    • Yep! Erica is 9. My mom is due to have her 8th kid (Genavieve Rose) on August 5th, so there was bound to be another PKU kid in the family some where and I guess Erica got to be that lucky one.
      ~It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about getting out there and dancing in the rain~
      Breanna Hardy 19 CPKU
    • I I drink xp maximum unflavoured with water 2x a day and lately I have been using a flavoured sippa straw.

      I also like vitaflow cooler sachets unflavoured but cant seem to be able to get them lately. I actually prefer these because they are low volume.You do need to mix with water but i like that they are premeasured packets.

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    • I'm taking PKU Express 3 times per day (when pressed for time - 2 - 2 packs in one set and 1 in the other)- it's low volume formula, comes in many flavors. I like tropical and orange. Sometimes I mix unflavored with raspberry or black currant flavour (but it's very sweet).
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    • At the evening I drink a mix of Phenylade Integral and Anamix ( I shake it with water, vanillasugar and oil). The rest of the day I take tablets of Aminogran an 5 of the Phenlex-10 vits. This is until the end of this month. Because they can't make the tablets anymore. So I most test again other formula's like 3 years ago. When they decided to take the Phenyldon AM away. X( (I'm still angry about it) I was on a bloodlevel of 6 and went in 3 days into 12 becouse the change. I don't want it happening again. There is nothing that has the same satisfying taste of Phenyldon. But we will see how it goes. I have to go to taste it in the medical centre in July.
    • That stinks, I've had formulas discontinued on me aswell and it's never fun. About a year ago I was taking Phenex chews, which were basically chewable tablets and I swear I ate them all day like candy!! I took them (along with the coolers) for about 6 months and then they were discontinued, I was so upset :( .
      ~It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about getting out there and dancing in the rain~
      Breanna Hardy 19 CPKU
    • I take Phenylade Essential and Phenylade 60. I have been taking the Phenylade Essential in Strawberry, Chocolate, and Orange Cream flavors. The Phenylade 60 only comes in vanilla - but I mix it was the other Phenylade Essential flavors, kool-aid but no sugar, or Vitamin water orange flavor. Formula has come a long way over my lifetime......