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    • 100 g low protein flour
      20 g vanilla pudding or a little bit of vanilla flavour
      200g low protein milk or non dairy creamer in water
      egg replacer equivalent of 1 egg
      sugar to taste

      - in a glass bowl combine low protein flour, vanilla pudding, egg replacer, salt and sugar
      - to the bowl add low protein milk mixing the batter to the consistency of thick cream (note more water may be needed to adjust thickness)
      - heat cast iron pan, add a little bit of oil to cover the bottom, bake crepes from both sides
      - serve with sweet or savory filling

      filling ideas:
      - sour cream
      - stewed carrots
      - green salad
      - avocado
      - jam
      - butter
      - sugar

      note: these crepes reheat very well, so they make a nice idea for lunch. 8o
      Carpe Diem!