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    • Hello everybody,
      This is my receipt for the lasagna. My mother made this receipt and it's my favorite. :thumbsup:
      Bon appetit!!!


      (furnace 200 degree)

      2 lasagna sheets protein free


      75 gram mushroom

      75 gram union and paprika


      10 gram butter

      8 gram protein free

      flower10 milliliter whipped cream

      15 gram cream cheese

      10 gram grated cheese


      Bake the mushroom, union and paprika in a frying pan. Melt the butter in a pan and mix it with the flower. Add the whipped cream and after that the cream cheese. Mix this all very good.Rub a oven search with butter. Put own fell lasagna on the bottom and then a little bit of the sauce. Put on the vegetables and a little bit of the sauce. Put on the other lasagna sheet. The rest of the sauce you put on the sheet and then the grated cheese.

      30 minutes in the furnace
    • Hi Inge;

      Thanks for the recipe i will try it out for sure (when i find the time ;)) do you have the recipe in Dutch too (for the website and/or magazine) ? Do you use loprofin lasagna ?

      Paul van Berkel
      Veldhoven, The Netherlands
      ESPKU Boardmember / Project manager

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