mushroom and pasta soup

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    • mushroom and pasta soup

      1/2 cup of dried porcini mushrooms
      1/2 cup of small sized low pro noodles such as angel hair vermicelli or annelini
      1 carrot
      1 cup chopped parsley
      1 shallot
      boullion cube (optional)

      - in a small cup soak the mushrooms in hot water
      - clean and dice carrot and shallot. Ina small saucepan melt generous portion of butter and stir fry carrot and onion untill golden yellow
      - in a separate pot cook low pro pasta. drain and set aside.
      - in the main pot boil some water, add boullion cube, soaked mushrooms (together with water in which they soaked). Boil for about 10-15min.
      - chop parsley and set aside
      - to the main pot add cooked pasta, shallot, carrot and butter mix, finally add fresh parsley and immediately take off heat
      - check for salt and pepper and adjust to taste

      Serve hot with some sour cream if allowed.

      P.S. because pasta was cooked separately it won't swell up and thicken the liquid, so this soup is good for leftovers as well.

      Carpe Diem!