stuffed tomatoes

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    • stuffed tomatoes

      4 tomatoes
      low protein bread crumbs
      low protein cheese

      - cut the top of tomatoes off, carefyully remove insides with a spoon. Place empty tomatoes in a deep baking pan.
      - in a frying pan sautee mushrooms with onions. Add salt, pepper and other spices to taste. If low protein cheese is available - add some to the stuffing mix.
      - spoon into the tomatoes mushroom mix and cover with about 1 tsp of low protein bread crumbs. Place the tomato tops back on the stuffed tomatoes.
      - in the pan add about 1 cup of vegetable broth or tomato sauce, adding about 2 tbsp on top of tomatoes so that some liquid gets inside the tomatoes.
      - bake at approximately 200C untill tomatoes are tender.

      serve warm.
      Carpe Diem!