zuccini stew

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    • zuccini stew

      this is a very easy summer dish you can use green zuccini or lighter and bigger marrow it looks like this:
      [Blocked Image: http://www.reimerseeds.com/images/products/squash/Vegetable_Marrow_White_Squash_Seeds.jpg]

      You can eat it plain or serve over pasta as sauce.

      1 large zuccini or marrow squash
      2 tomatoes
      1 onion
      pepper and spices (herbes de provence)
      olive oil
      fresh parsley or dill

      - cut the onion and fry untill golden in vegetable oil with spices and salt in a very deep frying pan.
      - dice zuccini in large cubes and add to the pan. Cover with lid.
      - dice the tomato and add to the pan. Stir occasionally and stew untill zuccini is soft (note: you can add some diluted boullion cube for extra flavour)
      - when zuccini softens and excess water evaporates, add chopped up fresh parsley or dill (lots of it) and take the pan off heat.
      Carpe Diem!