fast chicken noodle soup

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    • fast chicken noodle soup

      this is the closest thing to the instant ramen noodle cup so far. Takes about 5min to prepare or less if pasta is cooked ahead of time.

      1. take any small size low protein pasta and cook as usual. Drain and place into a bowl
      2. add about 1tbsp dry chicken broth + hot water
      3. for extra calories may add butter or oil. For decoration - fresh parsley, carrots any other veggies you have on hand.
      4. serve

      short cut version for work/school
      1. cook pasta in the evening, place into a container with lid and refrigerate.
      2. next morning add dry chicken broth, butter/oil - any other additional ingredients you want (parsley, carrots, etc). Take this container with you to work/school
      3. at lunch time add hot water. Soup is ready to eat.

      Carpe Diem!