PKU and pregnant - help please!

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    • PKU and pregnant - help please!

      hi everyone

      im new on this forum but its great to read so many happy ending stories to all your pregnancies. everyone seems to find it no trouble at all

      well my story is im 8 weeks pregnant and despite sticking to my diet religiously my levels refuse to settle. im on 4 gr of protein a day aka 4 exchanges and i take 5 sachets of PKU express. i have tried going down in protein to 3 exchanges to get the levels down but every time i do my levels go up. so today my level is 480 my dietitian reckons im not getting enough calories so ive to dose up on lucozade over the weekend

      so i guess i wanted to see if anyone else had a hard time with the levels and if anyone knows of any tricks i can use to keep them down. naturally i'm worried about the effect this is having on bubs but im really trying to not freak out about it cos i see so many happy ending stories here which helps

      my first scan isint till end of march which seems ages away despite all my pku worries i am trying to enjoy being pregnant and i know itll be worth it in the end but for the moment its bloody difficult

    • first place to cek how to keep your phe levels stable is your dietitian.
      Out of all tips this one seemed to help me the most - it's not just getting adequate protein intake that you need, you need a balance between protein, calories, low protein foods. Also eating familiar foods helps - it avoids accidental spikes in phe.
      Carpe Diem!
    • hiya martie

      im lynsey

      nice to meet u :thumbsup:

      currantly im on the pre conception diet n my levels r at 120 i have 3 exchanges a day im doin realy realy well i take 3 PKU cooler 20z a day n i just split my meals n straight away after each meal i have a cooler n last sturday me n my fiance got the go ahead to strt tryin now WOOHOO lol

      has any 1 got any tips how to conceive quickly ?(

      me n my fiance r realy realy happy how well i doin keepin my levels down about 2 weeks ago my levels did go down too low it wos 70 but now its gone bak up to wot it shud b YAY i hope ur levels go down martie for urs n ur baby health cus i know its deffo important 4 all us PKU ladys to have a healhty little baby x gud luck martie i wish u all the best x :)

      lynsey x