Where should I buy the low protein food in Canada

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    • Where should I buy the low protein food in Canada

      Dear all,

      We use Japanese rice before, now we want to change another brand, it is not easy to buy in China. My relative is in Canada now, they could help me to buy and ship. It would be much aappreciated if you could give me some suggestion about where I could buy the related food in Canada, in hospital,in Pharmacy, or on website?

      In addition, we use XP-1 from SHS before, from this month, we have to add XP-2,but my daughter can not accept its special taste, could you please give me some suggestion about other formula?

      Thank you very much, and looking forward to your reply!

      Best regards,

    • My sister is in Winnipeg,Manitoba.It is so great if there is Specialty Food Shop in Sick Childrens Hospital.

      I have searched Cambrooke Foods, and my sister has ordered some for me, maybe I can get it next week.It seems that they can not sell Bettermilk(formula replacement) series in Canada.

      I have seen the website www.specialtyfoodshop.com, it is very good, it is a little pity that some of the products only supplied to Ontario.

      I also searched Dietary Specialties, they replied me that they can not export.

      Thank you very much!