petit mal seizures and PKU

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    • petit mal seizures and PKU

      I am 47 yrs old...have Classical PKU and awhiel ago now..about 1 yr ago..I had what I now think might have been a petit mal seizure...i was at karate class..working w/ my instructor...he was showiong me a pressure point...when he touched head went back...nad i literally did not see for a few was ...humiliating...awkward....we eventually just resumed the class..have never talked about it this really what you might think was a peetit mal or absence seizure...Im beginning to wonder..

      PS--no icident has happened since then; I have talked to my Dr and she doesnt seem tot hink its a problem.. Im just not 100% at ease with that...
    • Hi,
      I would definately be more aware of this. High levels can cause seizures and theres so many types that some arent easy to spot. I would talk to your gp about your concerns and maybe be referrred to a neurologist or a scan ( mri, ct) will tell you more.
      I have developed epilepsy after 14 years off diet as well as other problems, any damage to the brain by PKU is irreversible. Be careful

      Nina Kernahan
    • Hi

      How concerning for you I would definitely get it checked out. I have a lot of symptoms which are basically the same if the Phe levels are high or too low. My Phe levels are never too low! I ate some fairy floss last Sunday at the movies and just felt so tired and had to close my eyes obviously calories is one think that I shouldn't have. :) Good luck