New low protein foods

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    • New low protein foods

      Hi All;

      Nowadays there is quite a variety of low protein foods available, but of course we could use more and better products. We aren't looking for yet another pasta. What kind of products would you like to see become available as a low pro variant to the normal (human ;)) food ?


      p.s. no disrespect intended with the "human", it is a joke that ran in the earliest years of the board among what now can be considered the veterans of the board ;) Nudge nudge.
      Paul van Berkel
      Veldhoven, The Netherlands
      ESPKU Boardmember / Project manager

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    • Hey,

      I think what would be interesting is some kind of chips. There are already some low protein things in this field but it does not feel like "normal" chips and it's not something that you tend to take to a fun day out. In general I think it's especially those products that you could use "portable" and that are not yet very will made.

      Also I think all kind of instant food is something that could be a great thing.

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    • hehe ;)
      I'd like to see some spreads/pates that can be used on low protein breads.
      On one of my trips I tried pork-flavoured low protein pate, I think it was originally from Poland, that was very nice. But not available in Canada. :(
      also perhaps more variation on the "human food" cheese (nudge-nudge ;))
      currently we do have processed cheese version in America, but it would be nice to see something else. "unprocessed"
      in the past there were blocks of cheese, vacuum packed but I guess they got discontinued - they were too large and difficult to store.
      Carpe Diem!
    • Hey,
      there is a low protein crisps out there in england, and they very yummy!
      but the packets are a boring foily colour!!
      very "normal"

      i would love more savory items of food for snacks,
      my big problem atm is the snacks that i have,
      like crisps, choccy biccys etc.

      every day stuff you have in packed lunches!!
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      :) :thumbup: :D
    • I must admit we can get lots of PKU foods here - we can have PKU sausages, we can have PKU cheese, we can have lots of really good PKU cookies and snacks, breads and rolls. What I miss is those kinds of products that you need when you get home late and you can`t or don`t want to cook. Those sort of ready dishes that you only put in the oven and you can eat them. Of course we have some here like PKU versions of pierogi, croquettes but I`d use ready to go pizza and looking like the ones available in shops casseroles. I know our producers can do it. The other thing is the price of the food - that is simply crazy - non PKU pate costs 3,00 zł, PKU pate is almost 15 zl plus packing and shipping costs. So in my opinion what also could be better is availability of PKU foods and the price.
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