Getting Formula in Another Country While on Vacation

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    • Getting Formula in Another Country While on Vacation

      I Hope that someone can help with this question. My friend is coming to visit me in Canada from Wales for 4 months. How does he get his formula here in Canada. Can he bring a prescription with him, or does he have to get one from a doctor here. can his doctor fax a prescription or some kind of form to my pharmacy here? 4 months worth is too much for him to bring with him. If you have any info that would help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ?(
    • what formula is he on?

      where he is from is his formula covered by a government or health care plan? If so have him try to find a contact there and ask them the same question. He might be able to pay for the formula here and send the reciept to the entity that covers his formula there and maybe he can be reimbursed.

      I can give you a number for the Specialty Food Shop, attached to Sick Kids. They supply formula to eveyone in Ontario. If you live in Ontario (I do) your formula is paid for by OHIP. If your BF doesnt have any coverage where he lives and has to pay out of pocket then thats what you will have to do here. Its expensive. Let me know what brand he uses and how much a day and I will look it up for you ? you can email me or add me on FB Carrie Hall. my profile pic is a baby sleeping with a teddy :) just add a message saying you are from here k?
      Carrie Hall
      32 CPKU
      Ottawa, ON

      Mommy of 2 kids non-PKU
    • My friend and I who have PKU are travelling to the NPKUA conference in Philadelphia. I was just wondering if it was possible to get some formula while travelling in the U.S. We both drink Vitaflo 20 coolers purple, plain and the red three times a day as we will be travelling for over three weeks.
      Any help would be much appreciated. :)