When is the best time to get the blood sample?

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    • When is the best time to get the blood sample?

      Hi When do you take the blood sample?
      Before the diet or two hours after the diet?
      The test result is different, the first is the lowest, and the later is highest.
      The my question is, which value is more useful? The higher or the lower?

    • Hello,

      I take my blood samples in the morning. Mostly after breakfast. I think it doen't matter that much when you take your levels but to take them all consistently. What I mean is that you should take them always at the same time so you can see how levels develop. If you take them sometimes before meals, sometimes after, sometimes in the morning or sometimes in the evening you won't learn that much.

      But you should ask your doctor what's suggested.

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    • I take my blood tests usually at night two hours after I eat a meal. I ask for the tyrosine results as well as I usually go on the phe/tyrosine ratio instead of just focusing on the Phe levels which is important to keep low but if your body isn't making enough tyrosine the neurotransmitters are affected causing low serotonin, dopamine levels which are the cause of depression, motor skills, executive functions etc. :)