YoFi needs help!!!

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    • YoFi needs help!!!

      Dear User,

      At first I want to say sorry for my english.

      I want to show you a link about a little boy. His name is Yorik-Finnley (YoFi)

      He is 11 weeks old, born with Down Syndrome. My older son has Down Syndrome, too- so we know this family and her whole story from the DS board. But YoFi has also a heart defect. He needs an operation quickly, but for this his health must be better and the Doctor´s here in Germany don´t know what to do next.

      I can assure you that this is NOT a fake!!! They also DON´T want to get money or something!!! It´s the last (ditch) attempt for them to find a Doctor (f.e. in another country) who can help YoFi. You can read more about that in this link:


      From the DS board we help to give it around. So I beseech you to give it around too- f.e. in facebook or another boards-with the hope that this will go to a doctor who can help little YoFi.

      Many thanks

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