Does anyone from Holland or Belgium know.... ?

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    • Does anyone from Holland or Belgium know.... ?

      Does anyone form Holland or Belgium know how many phe/100g conatins a sweet thing made from pears and apples which you can spread on bread or eat with pancakes? I even don't know what's the name for it, however I know it's popular in Holland and Belgium and lately I can buy it in Poland, but here nobody will answer my question because this product is imported.
      Thank you !
    • Hi Joanna;

      I heard that you posted this question on the board so I should reply ;) as I am from the Netherlands (not Holland :P It looks like symantics but Holland are two province in the Netherlands (Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland (north and south))

      As far as I can tell by your description you mean appelstroop or perenstroop (apple butter or pear -). When i was young (LOL) there was no Phe in both products but nowadays they are produced in a somewhat different manner and they normally contain about 1 grams of protein / 100 grams. Can you tell met the brand of the product so i can look it up for you!


      Paul van Berkel
      Veldhoven, The Netherlands
      ESPKU Boardmember / Project manager

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