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    Happy birthday and cheers for becoming 36!

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    Happy birthday and cheers for becoming 35!

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    Happy birthday and cheers for becoming 33!

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    The City of darkness and Recessive diseases
    I write the words under mobile light and the moon reflected in the sky.
    When you find everything dark darkness disconnect the power supply the electricity , which lasts 15-17 hours a day nothing moves only worry and dengue, sadness and poverty.
    Graduates from the University of MA and PhD's exceeded 260,000 graduate of the unemployed some of them sells biscuits on the doors of schools for children.

    Young men and women maidens number exceeded 30,000 maximum dream of escaping to the sea boats of death.
    Crossing locked throughout the year, 350,000 passengers on waiting lists.
    40,000 government employees in the health, education and other civic institutions received their $ 250 a month for three-year term.

    The strict siege is applied.
    political corruption seriously you can see around you politicians houses illuminated as power outages for the living and the dead of the dark .you can see luxury cars and the Guards at the entrances of the houses.

    Mini-state in which two ministers of everything the ministers of health and education ministers of foreign ministers and to other corruption that hardly ends not described in words.

    Getting dark in Dark City As a result of extremely low income, poverty and destitution people Marry from their relatives in the first degree because the marriage of the other families the cost is too high for this reason. we find in this city a new phenomenon the spread of genetic diseases when new generations of babies who are in the prime of their tough miserable lives .
    We Find that the rate of genetic diseases in the dark city exceeded the world average for the countries surrounding four-fold.

    One of these genetic diseases.
    • Diabetic disease children's .
    Malabsorption 700 cases of the disease(colic disease) .
    Short stature disease.
    Acidity of the blood disease 55 cases.
    Thalassemia disease 220 case.
    • Autism 670 case
    post-traumatic stress disease after the 2012 unfair war .

    The most dangerous disease which is the focus of our story

    It is a hereditary disease that resulted from inbreeding bad gene holders 15-17 case registered annually.
    233 recorded cases until the moment the body can not break down amino acid phenyl whining in vegetable protein and animal components for the lack of an enzyme that helps broken down, which hurts the accumulation of acid in blood to high levels hurt mental retardation and deficiencies in cognitive and mental intelligence, attention and awareness.
    The treatment plan in the world on the denial all kinds of proteins, all type of meat, dairy products and all kinds of seeds and their products, flour, wheat and its products completely, because high amounts of protein and amino acid so they are all toxic to the brain.
    Instead, needs to be a special type of milk (phenyl free formula) 6 cans at a cost of $ 300 per month for a child and low protein foods – Spaghetti- macaroni and pastries..
    And some vitamins and supplements and some anticonvulsants and some modern medicines, which are found only in rich European countries only.
    maintain the level of phenylalanine 2-8 mg/dl and permanent follow-up and continuing with dieticians

    But the reality in this stricken city very bad . no any one from the previously reported in the treatment plan and the international protocol for treatment available .
    Only special milk 2 cans monthly and have been cut off for months at a time, as happened in 2015.

    People crying their children Who got complications due to the lack of enough and durable treatment and the lack of food low in protein at all .
    you will find parents fed their sick children bread, rice and regular pasta which is very harmful and very toxic .
    hardly to find a child has the acid level less than 10 grams/dl.
    a disaster with all international standards and the human being and is humanitarian ..

    It has become our child who is mentally retarded 35-40 as a result of this unfair and inhumane conditions.
    We look forward in this campaign to raise financing to buy flour to manufacture low protein foods
    Hope Make a donation to help us on the page .
    And our voice high
    #from Besieged Gaza Palestine.
    # By father of two pku child .

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    Happy birthday and cheers for becoming 32!

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    Good evning every one in the bord

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    Congratulations Akram. Palestine (Gaza) is now a new member of the ESPKU.
    I will explain in more detail tomorrow about it.

    Again, congratulations and warm regards!

    El jueves, 15 de octubre de 2015, Brilliant Future <brilliantfuture2013@gmail.com> escribió:

    Dear,Mr. Aitor Calero president of ASFEMA and Federación

    Here the power point (PP )presantation that we would like to present it in ESPKU Berlin conferance and you have all rigths to make modifcation for the photos or color or what you see more acurate ...
    thank you for your intrest in helping palestinen children and the wards not express our thanks and appretiations..


    جمعية ضياء الغد
    Brilliant Future Association
    T +970 82072250.Mobile +970 595012501

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    helping pku children is me mission